Check out the trailer for PS5 horror game Quantum Error

The PS5 is coming and so are the games, but there are precious little that has been confirmed for the upcoming console. Because of that, any game that sports the PS5 logo in their official list of platforms will receive a lot more attention than usual. Such is the case for Quantum Error, a first-person horror game confirmed for the PS5 but is also in development for the PS4.

Check out the spooky work-in-progress trailer right here:

The game is being described as a “cosmic-horror” and from the trailer you get some definite Alien: Isolation/Dead Space vibes as you head through a dimly lit space station, encountering horrors in the hallways. It looks to be an interesting title that sports the accolade of being the first PS5 horror game that we know of and hopefully it’ll be a nice appetising scare-fest for the next generation.

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