Final Fantasy 7 Remake will ship earlier to Europe and Australia due to COVID-19

The pandemic has thrown a lot of things into a tizzy, not to mention supply lines and shipments. Due to these problems, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake physical copies will ship to Europe and Australia earlier than the April 10th release date. Here’s the official statement from producer Yoshinori Kitase and director Tetsuya Nomura:

The gist of the two posts is that they had to ship physical copies to Europe and Australia earlier due to the pandemic and they also politely asked that people don’t spoil the game if they happen to get their copies early. But you and I both know that is very optimistic and we should rather be on the lookout for potential spoilers on social media or wherever you consume your gaming news and discussions.

For those that will get their copies early, they’ll likely be ecstatic to be one of the few to experience the hotly anticipated remake before everyone else. Hopefully they’ll be honourable and keep their mouths shut as the rest of us have to endure the long wait to the 10th of April.

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