Twitch’s Stream Aid raises nearly $3 million for Covid-19 response fund

If you know anything about Twitch, you’d know that it’s not a surprise to find numerous charity streams happening at any given time. There are millions of people who use the streaming platform to do some good in our world by simply providing entertainment, and an easy avenue for viewers to help out a cause. Streams from groups like Games Done Quick are renowned for raising a considerable amount of money for their chosen charities each year. But this time, it was Twitch’s turn.

Starting on the 28th of March, this past Saturday (what is time even anymore?), Twitch conducted a collaborative stream featuring musicians, gamers and athletes to raise money for the Solidarity Response Fund for WHO powered by the United Nations Foundation. The list of names that were involved is staggering; from John Legend, Ellie Goulding and Biffy Clyro, to our very own Die Antwoord. Each guest got their time to shine on the Twitch stream through either performances, gaming streams or by simply giving a shout-out.

At the end of this momentous stream, Twitch was able to raise over $2.5 million, but of course, the donations didn’t end there. Since then the community has added even more to the pot, making the total over $2.7 million and counting! That’s over 81 Tesla Model 3s. I don’t know why you’d want to know that, but I thought I’d do the math.

Wonderful! That’s a lot of money but what does that mean to you? Well, the Covid-19 response fund will support countries in their effort to prevent, detect, and ultimately respond to the pandemic. Basically, this money will help the world fight this thing as a unit, not as individual countries. If you have a spare dollar lying around, you can donate either through Twitch’s Tiltify or on the WHO’s fund page itself.

We’re all in this together, so if you can help out in any way please do. Even if it’s just hosting multiplayer game nights on your or a friend’s Discord server. Or calling someone you know is stressing out about the situation. Either way, please stay safe, wash your hands and go disinfect your game devices and phone! We’ll get through this!

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