Quarantine Countdown: Three games to keep you active during the lockdown

Tonight (at midnight) marks a week that the SA lockdown due to COVID-19 has been in place. For many of us, it’s been a tough seven days. As if the anxiety over the reason for the lockdown wasn’t enough, stories of friends not getting paid and even some losing their jobs have sadly popped up way too much on our social media threads. So we’re doing our best here at SA Gamer to keep you informed and entertained during these trying times.

Not only are we trying to keep the boredom at bay with our regular news pieces, but thanks to our readers we’ve also started to compile a list of perfect quarantine games. If you haven’t added yours yet be sure to hop on let us know what we should be playing. Then last week, Charlie and Garth also sent out a PSA inviting the community to connect via Discord with a slew of new game-related and console-specific channels. The support has been good and we really encourage everyone to keep reaching out to each other. It can get quite lonely out there and the bigger the network – the less isolated we’ll all feel.

Now, while you’re doing that, if you’re anything like me you may have started to notice that this week has been difficult for other reasons too. Maybe it’s the anxiety and/or enclosed spaces but I’m finding myself eating a lot more snacks and moving around much less. It’s probably understandable but in the hope of getting myself a little more active and perhaps even encouraging others to do the same, here are three games to get you exercising in your own living room.

Ring Fit Adventure (Nintendo Switch)

Ok, so for this one you do need to have the Ring Fit game on your Switch and accompanying Ring-con and leg strap. However, if you do, this is virtually the perfect exercise-themed video game out there. Ring Fit Adventure combines several traditional fitness methods and an enjoyably-addictive RPG gameplay loops in a fun-for-the-whole-family package that gets you off your couch and flexing those triceps in no time. Plus, there’s a new music-based rhythm game mode and Nintendo SA has recently launched a daily Ring Fit-based workout schedule. It’s really the top pick in this genre. Check out our review here.

Beat Saber (PSVR, Microsoft Windows, Oculus VR)

If you have a VR headset and are looking for some fun exercise – it’s hard to beat Beat Saber. Light swords, music and fitness – it’s an epic combo. And if you need any further convincing of its value as a game to workout to, here’s a snippet of what Marko had to say when he reviewed the game last year: “When you’re ducking and weaving while flailing your arms around like a mad person, the sweat just drips off you… It felt like I did an intense gym session. If you want to use this game to have a workout, you’d be more than able to and it has the added bonus of being incredibly fun as well.” Here’s his full review.

Just Dance (Any edition and just about every platform under the sun)

If, however, you don’t own a Switch or a VR headset then you really can’t go wrong with the Just Dance series (Here’s our 2020 edition review). It’s on just about every platform and we’re not fooling anyone; we all love dancing when we know no one is watching. Depending on the edition, the quality of the music varies, but you’re sure to find at least a few tracks to enjoy. Plus, you can always splurge a little extra for the monthly subscription and have access to an almost endless library of music. And if you have a few family members or friends in quarantine with you, this is a pretty fantastic party game too. Just remember: no high-fiving after rocking the beat for a 5-star score… social distancing and all that.

And there you go, there are three games to help us stay fit during the lockdown. Hopefully, you can access at least one of those over the next two weeks. Until then, keep active and keep sane fellow lockdowners!

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