The Last of Us Part II delayed until further notice

Last night, Sony Interactive Entertainment made the announcement that The Last of Us Part II and Marvel’s Iron Man VR will be delayed until further notice. The spread of the global coronavirus pandemic has been cited as the reason for the delay, and no new date has been set. Both games were set for release next month.

Naughty Dog later gave us a little bit of insight as to why the game got delayed, essentially explaining that The Last of Us Part II is as good as finished, but with global supply chains and logistics essentially being shutdown, it will be hard to deliver the game to all the fans, which they want people to experience at the same time:

While this might be very disappointing for many fans, it does make a lot of sense, especially with such a narrative driven game such as The Last of Us Part II, where the game can easily be spoiled for those who ordered physical copies and special editions, which will not be delivered on time due to the current circumstances.

But this is clearly creating other headaches for Sony as games such as Iron Man VR is also being pushed back, despite it not being as widely anticipated as the sequel to the critically acclaimed 2013’s The Last of Us. The odds are pretty good that other PlayStation exclusives such as Ghost of Tshusima will also potentially see delays, especially if it might clash with Part II’s release.

This is certainly very disappointing, but it’s definitely not the worst as this virus has certainly created a lot of disappointment and hardship across the world. The game will come eventually, we just don’t know when.

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