Legends of Runeterra will launch on the 30th of April

It was quite obvious that Riot Games wanted to become Blizzard’s direct competitor when they announced their slew of upcoming games that were lawsuit-skirtingly similar to Blizzard’s offerings. Legends of Runeterra was their response to the ever-popular Hearthstone and it has been in open beta since January, but the official launch was still unknown until now.

Riot Games published a launch announcement and a Q&A over on the Legends of Runeterra site with the official launch date slated for the 30th of April on PC and mobile. Among the frequently asked questions, it was revealed that there will be no content wipe and players will keep everything they’ve earned and purchased. There will also be cross-platform play that will allow you to play both the mobile and PC versions on the same account. The Beta Season will also end with a new Ranked season taking its place.

There will also be 120 new cards which will bring the combined total up to 400 which is quite the impressive number for a launch.

Once the official launch happens, we’ll see if Riot Games’ card game will stand the test of time. We’ve seen a lot of CCGs fall to dust as Hearthstone still dominates the genre and it’s quite unlikely that Legends of Runeterra will have the same explosive impact, but you never know.

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