More LEGO Super Mario details including August launch & accompanying app

Back in the middle of March, we got our first look at the LEGO’s upcoming, rather interesting-looking partnership with Super Mario. Rather than just go the traditional route or produce a whole lot of Mushroom Kingdom-themed minifigs, the collaboration promised a kind of real-world platforming combo. With LEGO blocks and LCD screens providing the sights and sounds we’re used to seeing on our TV screens.

Yesterday, Go Nintendo brought us the news that LEGO had released a few extra details about what the LEGO sets would entail. The article is really detailed and worth a read. However, in short, we’ll be seeing a starter set (Adventures with Mario Starter Course) and several purchasable expansion sets (including the Piranha Plant Power Slide Expansion Set and the Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle Expansion Set) which can all be combined into a big master build along with a free app. The official launch will be 1st of August 2020 with some pre-orders already being live.

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