Rumour: Resident Evil 8 is set for Q1 2021 with a European setting

Resident Evil is the talk of the town at the moment, and while the Resident Evil 3 remake didn’t hit the same heights as the previous remake, it still has people clamouring for puzzles and escape routes while cursing at zombies. A new batch of details for Resident Evil 8 has been leaked, and while they haven’t been verified, they sound really interesting if they end up being true.

Resident Evil: Village (with the Roman numeral for 8 making up the beginning of the title) is another first-person title, which will star Ethan (from Resident Evil VII) and Chris Redfield. The game is set in a sleepy European village, where hallucinations will have players second-guessing everything they see. On top of seeing things, a presence called The Witch will be chasing you all of the time. Doing enough damage to her will force her to turn into insects and scurry away, but she will reform and come back for you, again and again. 

It appears the information came out of a recent playtest, but it is also possible that someone is making this all up for… internet points or whatever.

The information, which includes talk of the inventory system, can be checked out at Biohazardcast.

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