Sony reveals new PS5 ‘DualSense’ controller

Source: Sony

Just when you thought the PS5’s reveal schedule couldn’t get any stranger – PlayStation just up and revealed their new controller last night – right out of the blue. And I gotta say, I kinda like it. In a short, but sufficiently detailed blog post, we not only got images of the new controller but also what major enhancements and modifications we can expect making the jump from the DualShock 4 to the new ‘DualSense‘. The blog is really worth a read, but we’ve included a few of the highlights below in nice bite-sized chunks:

  • New haptic feedback functionality including the inclusion of adaptive triggers for the L2 and R2 buttons.
  • Slight changes to the grip and angle of hand triggers to improve comfort and accentuate the sleek design.
  • New ‘Create’ button replaces and enhances the functionality of the popular ‘Share’ button.
  • Built-in microphone array enables chat both with or (for shorter sessions) without a headset.
  • New two-toned colour design and light bar has shifted from the front to either side of the touchpad

Having looked at the photos and read the blog, I’ve got to say my initial reaction is quite positive. I like that the controller has seen a bit of a face-lift (and I love the Stormtrooper black+white combo), but because I’m still a fan of the DualShock 4, I’m equally happy that it still looks recognisable, if a little bulkier. And in case you were wondering… the pictures reveal that the offset vs. symmetrical analogue stick design argument between PS and Xbox fans will continue to rage on, with the DualSense prominently displaying a traditional symmetrical design.

There have been some rumours floating around regarding Sony’s new controller and while we didn’t get any real info on the ability to read biometric data (and that could still be a thing), it looks like the info about lack of lightbar was simply ‘misplaced’. I’m rather intrigued by the haptic and adaptive triggers though and to be honest, I can’t wait to get my hands on the new controller to try that functionality out.

But, what about you fellow SA Gamers? Do you like the new name, the new look and what you’ve learned about it so far? Let us know in the comments section below.

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