Stomp for joy as No Man’s Sky adds mechs

No Man’s Sky changed everything around several months ago with the Beyond update and the game has shaped into what people want, and has been growing from strength to strength. Now the game has mechs, and we all know that adding mechs makes anything better.

The Minotaur Exocraft is a pilotable exocraft/suit hybrid and it will change the way you explore planets. Who cares if the place is radioactive or has extreme temperatures? You are in a mech, laugh as you stomp around and excavate the rich resources of these forbidden planets.

The mech has all the tools you could want for being on a planet, including a hefty jetpack that will help you chew up long distances, or get up high before scanning for resources and get a good view of the surrounding area before heading towards your goal.

The latest update includes solar panels for exocrafts, and any exocraft with a Signal Booster will reveal all nearby points of interest, meaning you won’t have to fire up the Analysis Visor just to see those. Oh and you can hide away those pesky power lines in your base to make everything look a whole lot better. The full patch notes are here.

Time to go stomping.

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