Quarantine Countdown: Games to play with friends while on lockdown

Believe it or not – when the clock strikes midnight tonight the third (and hopefully last) week of the local lockdown will have begun. We’ve made it through 14 days. Well done everyone! Our readers have already compiled a list of perfect quarantine games, and last week we tackled a few games that have hopefully helped you get off the couch and get a little more active. This week, we thought we’d dive into some extra time with friends and family to help ease the isolation. So here are four games that not only remind you of the non-lockdown life but are great to play with friends.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch)

It’s one of the best-selling Switch games for a reason. Whether you’re on on the couch or connecting to friends around the world – it’s tough to beat Mario Kart. It’s the best version to date, the netcode works fantastically here in SA and whether you’re a first-timer or a veteran you’ll find something to love in the wacky world of Nintendo-themed racing. Plus, we all miss driving around our beautiful country, right? Well, this is close. Sort of?

Overcooked 2 (virtually every platform)

Ah, restaurants… remember those? Instead of spending hours (or minutes) around a hot stove, remember the joy of sitting down somewhere, selecting a meal from a magical list and have it brought to you in exchange for a few pieces of coloured paper or the swipe of a bit of plastic? Well, take that experience and forget it. Instead, you and your family/friends are the owners of your very own restaurant and all work as untrained chefs. Customers are also ridiculously demanding. Oh, and the restaurant changes location from the middle of a highway to the middle of the jungle. Sounds like fun, right? This is Overcooked 2.

FIFA 20 (again on almost everything)

For fans, one of the harder things to deal with (on the entertainment front) during the lockdown has been the general lack of sports. Yes, in the grand scheme of things, sport is insignificant in the face of a pandemic. However, during long periods at home a little soccer goes a long way. For us South Africans, football is a big part of our lives. So while we can’t get outside or enjoy live football for a while, the digital version is equally popular and while PES still has its loyal fanbase, for mass appeal it’s hard to beat FIFA 20.

No Man’s Sky (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

So what’s the opposite of lockdown isolation? Well, how about exploring a virtually endless universe in a game that has basically done the impossible. Exploding from the mire of initial disappointment to become the impressive game it was always supposed to be thanks to a series of significant improvements. Ok, this one is a little bit of stretch as a true multiplayer game – but, hey exploration!!

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