Valorant has already broken Twitch records

Valorant, Riot Games’ latest shooter that is totally not a competitor to Overwatch, has released in closed beta and streamers have already gone ham streaming it to thousands of jealous viewers hoping to maybe snag a code for themselves. The game’s debut made quite a splash on Twitch since it broke the single-day record for most minutes watched with 34 million hours. 

It also managed to reach 1.7 million concurrent viewers which is tied with the League of Legends World Championship and Fortnite’s “The End” event. It’s a gigantic start for the still unreleased title and will possibly be an excellent marketing tool for Riot Games. One of the big reasons for this success is that they were giving away beta keys for anyone that was watching a stream of the game. 

It’ll be interesting to see if this success continues and if this just wasn’t a burst of initial curiosity to see what Valorant is about. Once the game is in open beta, we’ll have a better idea of where it’ll fall among the other multiplayer shooters out there.


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