New Switch update allows you to remap buttons

Yesterday Nintendo released a new Switch system update. The 10.0.0 version update includes some new Animal Crossing: New Horizons user profile icons, a modification to where Play Activity user settings are found and a new feature allowing you to bookmark your favourite news. While these are some nice-to-have changes, most people will likely be more interested in the software transfer and button mapping additions that are also included in the update.

In another example of Nintendo doing things way later than you would expect, you now finally have the option of easily moving software and some (there is always a caveat for Nintendo games) save and update data from system memory to an SD card and back again. Very excitingly you now finally have the option to remap controller buttons for Joy-Cons and the Pro Controller. The system will allow up to 5 customised configurations to be saved for each controller. The header image above is what the new customisation page looks like once your system has been updated.

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