Quarantine cosplay crafts you can do at home

By Hendo Art

Last week we received the news that this quarantine is, unfortunately, being extended until the end of April. Now, I only planned to have activities to keep me busy for two weeks, so I’m currently scrambling to figure out what to do with all my free time since I can’t work from home. Some of you might be going through the same thing, or maybe you have more time since traffic is now non-existent. Either way, the inactivity and decision paralysis might also be driving you mad, like me.

Instead of just binge-watching Friends for the 10th time (this lockdown), why not keep those hands busy and make something while you watch? Here are a few things you can make with all that garbage you’ve been collecting these past few weeks!

Empty Bottles

You might have chucked some of them away by now, but if by chance you kept some of your nicer glass alcohol or perfume bottles, here’s a little something you can do with them.

There’s no need for clay or cutting to make your bottles look mystical or like they came straight from an RPG, just some hair gel! Use these as decorations, gifts, or props for cosplay! They’ll definitely bring a sense of magic to any situation.

If you need any inspiration then look to any table-top roleplaying game that fits your style. My go-to is the D&D handbook, and I’ve actually been itching to turn one of our own bottles into a potion of water breathing since I started this article.


If you watch anime, you’ve definitely wanted a Naruto headband at some point or another. If you still do, or maybe you want to make some for your entire family clan/child’s class then look no further.

All you need is some stuff lying around your house, a portion of your free time and you’ll look like a weeb in no time! If you prefer to not go the anime route, you can always make a bunch of Leaves of Lorien from The Lord of the Rings with basically the same process.

Cardboard and foam

Do you have a bunch of cereal/fried-food boxes lying next to your dustbin? Or would it be incredibly easy for you to conjure them in about a day’s time? Then this category is for you! Cardboard is an incredibly versatile crafting medium, and while delivery boxes provide more durability and stability, those cereal boxes will get you where you need to go.

While there is a truckload of places to find patterns and tutorials on the items you could build out of cardboard, I thought I’d give you some to start off with. The wonderful people at R31Studios have a few nice (and free!) patterns for you to print out. From multiple sized spheres to a full-on cowboy hat, they’ll have you busy for a while.

I’ve written about cosplay patterns and where to find them before, I suggest you look at the cosplay posts on this site to find all the resources available to you from home! People like Punished Props, EvilTed, SKS Props, Kamui Cosplay and our own Kinpatsu have huge collections of cosplay patterns (free and paid) you can try out.

That’s about it! I can tell you about sewing, and crafting armour but I already did that, too. So go forth, and make cute crafts to either wear to Comic Con Africa in September or to give out to friends when we finally exit this hell. Stay safe, and stay home!

I obviously don't know anything about games. I'm just here for the free food, and to push my feminist agenda.

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