There will be a limited number of PS5 units in its first year – Report

A report from Bloomberg on the PlayStation 5’s launch paints a pretty interesting picture, and it may make things a bit awkward for us.

The report states that there will be fewer PS5 consoles in the first year of its release compared to the PS4. While most would think this is a result of the coronavirus affecting production capacity, it turns out that production hasn’t been touched. However, the disruption in people’s lives and income and the console’s expected higher price means that analysts are expecting demand to be driven down.

The report mentions talking to people “familiar with Sony’s supply chain” that said they expected between 5 and 6 million consoles to be produced by the end of March 2021. As a comparison, Sony sold 7.5 million units in the PS4’s first six months.

The pandemic has also affected Sony’s plans for a physical event to unveil the new console. With leaks as a constant threat to big announcements, this event may turn into something digital. Apparently the DualSense controller reveal, which was very much out of the blue, was done in this way to avoid a leak.

Depending on how long this pandemic lasts, these plans may change. But a higher price and less stock than before? Remember the PS4 launch in the country and how many people had to wait? I expect we might be heading towards that situation, or worst case, waiting for stock to arrive from a post release batch of manufactured consoles.

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