World War Z heading to Nintendo Switch

Zombie horde shooter, World War Z released about a year ago and it was by all accounts, pretty decent. It’s received a ton of support from Saber Interactive since launch and now they have announced a Game of the Year Edition expected to release in May, as well as a port to the Nintendo Switch.

In an interview with IGN, CEO Matthew Karch spoke about the impact the game has had on the company, and how hitting certain goals feels really good:

World War Z has had a huge impact on our studio in all respects. It feels fantastic to hit goals that perhaps a few years ago seemed unimaginable. We have over 10 million registered players that have played the game and our concurrent player counts are regularly in the tens of thousands.

There is no doubt that the game is popular, and that it has become a much better game over the last year or so. The Game of the Year Edition (still a bit perplexed about this) will contain all the DLC  as well as new content, including a new three-player story map set in France. The Nintendo Switch version, which Saber Interactive says is the most difficult port they’ve ever had to do, and these the people that did The Witcher III port for the console. The sheer number of enemies on screen, as well as the four-player co-op, are cited as some of the challenges to keep in mind.

No date for the Nintendo Switch port for World War Z is set yet.

Source: IGN

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