Crysis Remastered is taking us back to the jungle

The Crysis Twitter account has been aflutter recently and it was obvious that some sort of announcement was inevitable. Many speculated it was going to be a remaster of the original Crysis and they were absolutely correct because that’s exactly what it ended up being. Yes, Crysis Remastered is real and it’s coming to Xbox One, PC, PS4 and, as a surprise, to the Nintendo Switch.

Here’s the official teaser trailer, even though it’s pretty short:

Crytek stated the remaster will have visual enhancements such as high-resolution textures, particle effects, new lighting, improved art and so on to create a “major visual upgrade”. The release date is slated for summer 2020 which is winter for us, so it won’t be too far away.

It’s amazing to me how it’s going to get a Switch version since the game is notorious for melting PCs and we’ll probably see a resurgence of the classic “but can it run Crysis?” meme from yesteryear. The Switch still has some decent power that can run some of the most taxing games, so it’s not totally out of the bounds of imagination, but it’s still pretty impressive. I’m personally looking forward to making my PC sweat though.

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