Minecraft has raytracing in beta, for the three of you who can run it

The Minecraft RTX beta is open now on PC, meaning that if you have the hardware you can see your blocky creations with beautiful light beams. We all know that glorious god-rays make everything better, right?

To test out Minecraft with ray-tracing, you need Minecraft for Windows 10, an Nvidia RTX 2060 graphics card (or better) and at least 8GB of RAM.

If you have all that, you need to install the Xbox Insider Hub app from the Windows Store. In that app, you will see an open box icon on the left sidebar. Click that and pick the beta for Minecraft for Windows 10. Click join, select the Minecraft RTX beta and click done. It will be added to your download queue and you can get going.

If you don’t have a creation that will show off the lighting, you can download worlds that have been purpose-built to show off lighting as well as possible.

Make sure to record a video of the pretty light beams, okay?

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