Quarantine Countdown: Video games are having a positive impact during the lockdown

It seems everything we write these days is somehow related to or at least influenced by the coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the world. Even in our little ‘video game corner’ of the world, almost every new headline is somehow related to how the virus is impacting that very specific aspect of our lives. And while so many of these things are horrible, depressing and even quite scary – one thing that has become abundantly clear: Video games are becoming an even more important way people are dealing with the isolation and interacting with the world in a healthy way. And to see how widespread this recognition is becoming here are just a few examples of the kind of positive impact our favourite pastime is having:

Recently, USA Today explained that the World Health Organisation (WHO) supported the #PlayApartTogether initiative which focused educating people about how they should “entertain themselves and also practice physical distancing” via the medium of games. Then, the One World: Together At Home online-only benefit concert (bringing awareness to need for healthcare worker support) which is making a lot of waves at the moment will be (as per The Verge) streamed in full withing the Roblox (the hugely popular online multiplayer game).

And just yesterday, well-known analyst Daniel Ahmed revealed that Nintendo shares hit a 52-week high. Sure, this is obviously financially significant, but considering that Switch consoles are actually quite hard to find in many parts of the world at the moment and that Animal Crossing is a big reason for the sales – what it also seems to indicate (at least to me when you consider what type of game ACNH is) is how gaming is becoming an even more important stress-relieving activity for so many people around the world.

So that’s some good news. And really that’s the goal of the Quarantine Countdown series. We’re doing our small best to ease the troubles we’re all facing with at this difficult time, whether it’s by selecting the best games to play, suggesting ways to keep you active or even how to stay connected with friends. It’s tough out there and so it’s nice to focus on the positive effects this ever-more popular hobby is having on the world.

Stay safe. Stay connected. Stay playing.

Nintendo Nerd, sharing my love of Mario with the world one pixel at a time.

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