NieR Reincarnation gets first gameplay trailer

The NieR series is celebrating its 10th anniversary and the games have taken us on some really out there journeys. The series isn’t afraid of pushing the boundaries and it was a surprise to hear that a new game will be coming to mobile along with a remaster of the first game. The mobile game is titled NieR Reincarnation and we haven’t seen much of the game until its gameplay trailer dropped recently:

In traditional Yoko Taro fashion, everything was left ambiguous. A girl is simply running through some beautifully desolate landscapes and she’s followed by some kind of ghost companion and that’s as far as it goes. We get to see some nice shots of the world as well as experience the lovely soundtrack, but there wasn’t much else shown off except for some simple movement.

We’ll probably see some combat of some kind in the next gameplay video, but just seeing the atmosphere that the game is going for is enough to pacify our curiosity for now. I’m expecting some innovative use of the mobile platform since the NieR games love to mess around with the mediums they’re on and subvert all sorts of expectations. Mobile games usually get hit with a snooze button, but I think this is one we can’t afford to sleep on.

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