This SnowRunner trailer pokes fun at Death Stranding

Ever wanted to get into a massive truck and go for a drive through the country, dealing with the hazards of snow and mud and rickety bridges? This is the more off-road sibling of the big trucking simulators out there, and it looks like SnowRunner devs Saber Interactive and publishers Focus Home Interactive aren’t afraid of a little fun.

The trailer is done in the style of Death Stranding’s trailers, complete with the same font, a dramatic pop song in the background and various phrases popping up on the screen as the trucks try to navigate snow, mud, and more.

Starring Chevrolet and more big trucks, SnowRunner employs some hefty physics to make for some tricky challenges. Ice and rockslides might make a path that looked like a shortcut turn into a disaster as you roll your truck and unlike Sam Porter Bridges, you can just dust yourself off and put everything on your back again.

SnowRunner is heading to Xbox One, PS4 and PC on April 28, so if you feel like playing another “strand game”, one is on the way.

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