Suspected cheaters will be matched together in Modern Warfare and Warzone

We recently reported that many console gamers aren’t too happy with the cross-play arrangement of Modern Warfare and Warzone due to the ability of PC gamers to use Aimbots and mods to exploit the game to their advantage. This is a cause of great concern, especially for Activision and Infinity Ward, who it seems is working very hard to make the games fair and fun for everyone.

Starting this week, players who report a suspected cheater will get notified in-game if the player has been banned. Cheaters will also be matched together, meaning a free for all environment where everyone cheats and nobody wins. Infinity Ward is also allocating more resources to combat the problem.

While many would applaud the cheaters only lobbies, it does open up a whole different can of worms where innocent players might get sent to the naughty server through malicious intent, but it is a start. Maybe Infinity Ward is trying to teach people found to cheat a lesson and get them back into the good books where they can spend money like the good players they’re supposed to be.

Either way, it is good that a stance is being made and that Activision and Infinity Ward is not just ignoring the problem like some other studios and publishers have done in the past.

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