Artifact 2.0 will include a single-player campaign

Despite having the gigantic power of Valve and Dota 2 on its side, Artifact was relatively dead on arrival back when it released and the player base dwindled at a shocking rate. It was fair to classify the game as a non-starter and instead of cutting their losses, Valve decided to rather double down and create Artifact 2.0 which will be a full rework of the game in an attempt to revive it.

Within a recent update on the official Artifact Steam page, it was mentioned that the game will receive a single-player campaign when the 2.0 update rolls out:

“A lot of you recognized the potential for telling stories about the DOTA world through Artifact and loved what we’d already done through comics and flavor text. We are doubling down on that effort through a single-player campaign which will both teach new players the game and continue the story that began with A Call To Arms. Tying in to our progressions systems, we want people to feel rewarded no matter which way they choose to play the game, whether it be in competitive play or the campaign.”

The lore of Dota 2 is certainly deep, so there should be no problem creating a single-player campaign to tell some of the many stories within the universe. It will also help get people used to Artifact‘s mechanics which were considered to be a little too intense for new players so a single-player mode can help them ease into the experience with little consequence. It’s still unclear when 2.0 will launch, but it’s shaping up to be a nice restructuring of the game.

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