Animal Crossing broke the single-month digital sales record in March!

We’ve spoken about it here before, but we just keep getting more and more evidence about just how much Animal Crossing: New Horizons is resonating with so many players around. Many in the SA Gamer team are equally entranced. Thanks to a really unlikely series of events (including a tragic global pandemic) what would be an already popular game has entered the consciousness of the world in an almost unprecedented scale. By hitting just the right notes of familiar repetitive actions mixed with equal amounts of comforting repetitive actions and connections with others it’s has been the ideal cocktail for a world under lockdown.

And the numbers are really starting to show this. According to Video Games Chronicle, a report by Nielsen’s SuperData suggests that digital sales for AC:NH hit around the 5 million mark in March. This figure is just immense – not only would this shoot it ahead of big names from the Call of Duty franchise, but if accurate this would mean it broke the record for digital downloads in a single month on any console ever. Considering that a substantial amount of people got the game physically and if anything the game has become more popular in April -the total sales figures are going to be truly astounding. With NPD (as per Venture Beat) already confirming that ‘US launch sales of the game have already surpassed those of any Mario or Zelda title’ – it is clear that this friendly island-building phenomenon could soon be one of Nintendo’s best-selling games of all time.

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