Massive The Last of Us II spoilers leak online

Over the weekend, videos emerged online that allegedly reveals some major plot points and spoilers for the highly anticipated The Last of Us Part II. The original videos have since been removed, but not after the internet did what it does best and saved it for those interested to see it.

The spoilers have been confirmed by Naughty Dog via Twitter, as they urge people not to spoil the game for themselves and others:

It has since been reported that the leak potentially came from a disgruntled employee, not happy with working conditions at the studio. Naughty Dog recently came under fire for extreme conditions and crunch as they work very long hours and weekends to get the game out. Exactly what the reason for the potential leak might be is all just speculation at this time.

The whole chain of events has led to Sony announcing the new release date of 19 June, after the game got delayed indefinitely a few weeks ago, citing the ongoing global pandemic and lockdowns as the reason for it.

Either way, if you are concerned about spoilers, be careful out there and avoid any thread and video that might potentially spoil the story of a very plot-heavy game for you. Also, play nice and don’t spoil it for others.

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