Phil Spencer thinks new console generation jump will ‘feel’ as significant as the jump ‘from 2D to 3D’

Despite (and perhaps even because of) what’s going on around us, the fact that 2020 will see the launch of a new console generation from both Sony and Microsoft has us all very excited. Sure, at the moment, there’s a lot of “Who’s console will ‘win’ the hypothetical POWER war?” going on. But, to be honest, I’m more interested in what games will launch thanks to both Sony and Microsoft’s studios. And… also shuddering at the thought of what it will all cost for us here in South Africa.

However, despite the excitement and so many unknowns, I (and perhaps many of you out there) felt like the new consoles would just feel like slightly-upgraded versions of current PS4 Pros and Xbox One Xs. Sure, power would be increased and that sort of thing, but a part of me assumed that if ‘shorter loading-times‘ and ‘prettier graphics‘ were going to be the biggest takeaways, the generational leap wouldn’t be as noticeable as ones in the past. Especially when compared to the change from the SNES to the PS1 or even the 32/64-bit era to the PS2 generation for example. However, it seems Phil Spencer disagrees…

Replying to a tweet by @DiagnosedWhity yesterday, Spencer had the following to say:

We’ve all heard about the possible visual and auditory impact Ray-Tracing (RT) will have, but it’s interesting to see how big a part Spencer sees DLI, increased memory and the upgraded CPU playing too. And it may be a bit hyperbolic, but describing the change to the feel of games as “as dramatic as any since 2D to 3D” is pretty striking.

So who knows – this may be a bigger and more signifcant jump than many of us expect.

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