Destroy All Humans invades us in July

We live in an era where game developers can finally make the games the way they wanted to more than a decade ago, but were limited by the tech at their disposal. That, and they’re probably creatively tapped and opted to re-release old games so we can pay for them again.

This time, THQ Nordic is bringing 2005’s Destroy All Humans back to life, which will release on 28 July on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game is set in a typical 1960s American backdrop where you play as an invading Alien terrorising the neighbourhood. It has an over-the-top comedic theme to it with the typical Alien invasion movie aesthetic that many of us will find very familiar.

Destroy All Humans is can be classified as a remake, as many elements are said to be changed from the original, although developers Black Forest said the humour, dialogue and many gameplay elements of the original stays intact. Exactly what they mean by this still remains to be seen.

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