Gun Jam is Guitar Hero but with bullets

I love any rhythm game out there since I was a Guitar Hero superfan back in my teenage years. Sadly the genre has been pretty quiet since the demand for rhythm games hasn’t exactly been popping off and those who are still into it have graduated to fan-made games such as Clone Hero. But that doesn’t mean that there is no innovation happening in the rhythm gaming space and a new concept has cropped up that is sure to intrigue anyone who likes to go with the beat.

Gun Jam is an FPS game where in order to shoot you have to time your shots with the beat of the music. It’s way better to just show it in practice, so check out this short little snippet of it:

Now, doesn’t that just look like the most fun thing ever? Gun Jam has been in early development for the past six months and thanks to the positive response to their idea, they’ve decided to officially go full steam ahead with the game’s development.

“We finally decided to reveal what we had in the making and I was properly blown away with the amazing response that followed,” Da Rocha, the studio’s co-founder, said. “It’s great to see such a good reception and there鈥檚 a lot of intrigue and speculation, and new fans wanting more content. The core mechanics definitely have their challenges but I’m proud of the team for pulling together and problem-solving to achieve the vision.”

The game will reportedly have multiple characters, a campaign mode and of course score modes to see who can be the best gun guitar hero. It’s a very unique idea and one that I’m totally on board with. No release date or anything has been revealed yet, but the game is coming to PC with other platforms being considered.聽

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