Geoff Keighley announces Summer Game Fest, a four-month-long digital event

With COVID-19 still rampaging the world and cancelling events left, right and centre, a very large void has opened up in the gaming event space. And of course, who better to fill that void than Geoff Keighley, the famed mastermind behind The Game Awards and who is pretty much furniture in the industry at this point. 

Starting in May and lasting four whole months until August, Summer Game Fest will be a huge all-digital showcase of reveals, announcements, trailers and everything you would expect from a gaming event. So far a whole host of companies have signed up including Activision Blizzard, CD Projekt RED, Sony, Microsoft, Riot Games, Steam, EA and a whole lot more.

Everything will be streamed on Facebook, Mixer, Twitch and YouTube and there will also be trials and demos that will be made available on various platforms. It’s honestly the perfect replacement for E3 and all the other gaming conventions that have shut down due to the global crisis and Keighley is experienced enough to make it run like a well-oiled machine. Expect many posts in the futures about all the announcements and news that will come out of the Summer Game Fest.

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