LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga is looking pretty and sounding epic

Even though it was revealed at E3 last year, we haven’t seen much from the upcoming monster collection that The Skywalker Saga looks like it’s going to be. The last LEGO Star Wars game was The Force Awakens and so for fans of both the cinematic universe and LEGO games, it has been a long time to wait. Happily, though, yesterday (May the Fourth and all that) saw the release of the first bit of Key Art for the game (pictured above) and it’s soooo pretty.

It may be odd to cover something as small as an art reveal, but it’s hard to argue about how great it looks. In an interview in, the art-reveal also included confirmation of some pretty cool things we can look forward to in the game itself. First off, as expected, all 9 films will be playable. Awesomely though, you will be able to start gameplay at any point in the timeline. There will also be over 500 characters in the game (‘many’ of which will be playable) and we won’t just be getting a rehash of the old games. Craig Derrick, (managing producer at Lucasfilm Games) explained:

We needed the game to feel epic in scope and scale while bringing the player intimately closer to the action like never before. This required new technology [and] new game mechanics…

Of course, earlier titles will return in one form or another, but this will also be the first time we see a LEGO version of The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker so we can expect some brand new content too. It all sounds epic and I for one can’t wait for a release date. All we know for now is that it’s due later this year and will be on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC.

So keep your eye on this one, young padawan.

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