The Last of Us Part II goes gold

Sony and Naughty Dog had their fair share of headaches over the last couple of weeks. The upcoming and highly anticipated The Last of Us Part II saw some setbacks with news coming out of poor working conditions at the studio, delays due to a global pandemic and most recently, some elements of the plot being leaked online.

But after all is said and done, the game finally got a release date of 19 June, and it is pretty much set in stone as the game went gold according to a message from Game Director, Neil Druckmann.

In the message he thanks and congratulates the people who worked on The Last of Us Part II for their incredibly hard work and all the effort in pulling off the most ambitious game they’ve ever made.

It was revealed recently that hackers were responsible for the plot leaks of the game, and not a disgruntled employee or contractor as previously suggested. It didn’t make any difference, as the video uploaded by Druckmann currently has more dislikes than likes, while comments are disabled, probably to avoid further spoilers and hate that so many people like spewing around.

Due to the timing, there is much speculation that the controversies and leaks of last week forced Sony’s hand in revealing a new final release date and telling Naughty Dog to simply wrap it up. And no matter how you might feel about it, we can finally get to experience the game for ourselves on 19 June.

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