Don’t worry, we’ll still get a Call of Duty this year

The COVID-19 situation has predictably thrown everything into flux and in terms of the entertainment industry, so many productions and planned products have faced huge delays thanks to everyone shifting to remote work or things becoming unfeasible. But you know the old saying, there are a few constants in life: death, taxes and a new Call of Duty every year.

In a recent investors call for Activision’s Q1 2020 results, CEO Daniel Alegre stated that despite the teams working remotely thanks to the pandemic, the next mainline Call of Duty game is still “on track for later this year.” It’s well known that Call of Duty always releases in October and November and they haven’t skipped a beat yet.

Since the games get bounced between development houses, it’s not shocking to learn that we’ll still get a Call of Duty this year it was probably in development for a couple of years already. We still have no word on what the new Call of Duty will be and it’ll be interesting to see if it can follow in the massive footsteps of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the free Warzone battle royale mode that has crossed 60 million reached users since its launch. But we’ll get to see what’s up their sleeves sooner or later, it just won’t be the same without some Call of Duty.

Source: IGN

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