It looks like Microsoft just revealed the new Xbox start-up sound

Let’s just say it… Xbox is just killing it out there. While we’re expecting both the PS5 and the new Xbox later this year – the marketing and talk around the respective consoles could not be more different. Yes, Sony has the market share and a huge, loyal fan base and can, therefore, afford to react more slowly. But (at least so far) their messaging has been unclear, slow and beyond their wider audience. Sure, they probably still have the time to right the ship, but while they’re slowly contemplating how to proceed, Xbox seems to be swiftly making all the right moves in revealing their new console. Not only have we seen what the Series X will look like and know what some of the specs will be, but just last week we received the news that we would get a first look at next-generation gameplay this week.

The special Inside Xbox episode is due tomorrow (Thursday at 5 pm SA Time). However, yesterday we got a brief trailer reminding us about the show and it seems the new Xbox’s boot-up sound was revealed. Take a look (and listen) below:

Of course, this wasn’t outright confirmed in the video but turning on the captions (as you can see in the header image above) reveals that this is a “New Xbox Sound”. So it seems rather likely. It’s a pleasant-enough start-up ‘jingle’, but let’s be honest it’s not really big news on its own. However, taking into account the bigger picture, it definitely looks like another small but significant masterstroke from Xbox in their progressive build-up to their massive new launch.

So, look out Sony, that’s the new Xbox you hear over your shoulder…

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