Violent power fantasy Gorn is coming to PSVR

I’m extremely jealous of people with PCVR headsets since they always get the coolest things even though PSVR is no slouch itself. But one of the games that I’ve been dying to play on my cheaper headset is Gorn, a medieval arena battle simulator that is as violent as it is fun. There’s not much depth to the game, you have weapons, squishy opponents and you can literally rip them apart and bathe in their blood.

It’s ridiculously gory and it knows that fact all too well and relishes in it. Now PSVR users are going to be able to experience it on the 19th of May, with an included mode for those who maybe want their kids to rip people apart but not have all that messy blood everywhere. The game will include a pinata mode where instead of enemies exploding into viscera, they explode into candy.

It gets really graphic, so having a toned-down option might be for the best for those that aren’t total psychopaths, but I’m definitely not in that camp. Gorn is often heralded as one of the must-have games for PCVR, so those with a PSVR headset, all four of you, should get excited.

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