2K announces PGA Tour 2K21

Golf video games have always been very popular, but we haven’t really had any great games of the popular sport since EA dropped their partnership with Tiger Woods.

But, what seems to have come a bit out of nowhere, 2K Games announced that they have stepped into a partnership with the PGA Tour, taking over from HB Studios that was in charge of the brand in video gaming. We have little to no detail on exactly what the new partnership between the PGA Tour and 2K Games will entail, but more details on PGA Tour 2K21 can be expected by next week.

2K Games have been known to make rather impressive video games over the last few years, especially with the NBA2K brand, but they are also infamous for slathering the games with excessive and amounts of monetisation. Hopefully, they can contain themselves a bit with this one, as a new and decent golf game will be more than welcome.

More details expected on PGA Tour 2K21 next week on 14 May.

Source: PlayStationLifestyle

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