Rumour: EA might release a Mass Effect Trilogy remaster

Everything and its dog got a remastered collection during this generation, but there was one trilogy that people were just begging to receive the remaster treatment and that’s, of course, the original Mass Effect trilogy. The now legendary assortment of games have been sadly relegated to last-gen hardware or PC gamers and if you’ve seen Mass Effect 1 recently, it looks pretty rough. But our dreams of a remastered trilogy may just come true.

EA recently announced that they’re releasing 14 games in the next 11 months which included a HD remake and when VentureBeat‘s Jeff Grubb was covering it, he casually said, “Oh, and that HD remaster of an EA game is the Mass Effect Trilogy. Just don’t expect that to also launch on Switch – at least not at first.”

Grubb was so confident in the statement that he made a tweet highlighting it, so it means someone has some insider knowledge that the rest of us aren’t privy to. This isn’t concrete at all and it can even just be hopeful speculation on his part, but if it’s true, it’ll be huge for all the Mass Effect diehards out there which I am certainly one of. That trilogy basically changed my gaming life and I’ll definitely be at the front of the line throwing money into EA’s face if there’s an HD remaster.

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