Uniqlo Super Mario range looks good and may confirm the 35th-anniversary idea

Image Courtesy: Uniqlo

It feels like every two weeks or so I’m writing a new article about Nintendo’s (and particularly Super Mario’s) latest commercial partnership; Universal Studios, LEGO, Levi’s and now, this week, Uniqlo. The amusement park sounded like an awesome idea before the whole ‘worldwide pandemic’ thing kinda put a stop to large gatherings of people. The LEGO partnership also promises a lot – but looks super expensive and definitely directed at a younger market. And the Levi partnership leaves a lot to be desired too – with most designs feeling too brash and in-your-face. However, I’ve gotta admit I do like some of the more discreet and classic designs Uniqlo has come up with (you can check them out here).

But perhaps the more interesting side news based on the Uniqlo clothing line is that (as far as I can tell) this is the first time we have any kind of ‘official’ confirmation that Nintendo is doing something special for everyone’s favourite plumber’s 35th anniversary. Back at the end of March, an apparent leak (backed up from several sources) said that this year we could be seeing a plethora of great 3D Mario titles being released and even perhaps a new Paper Mario title to boot – all celebrating the moustachioed goomba-stomper’s big three-five. Nintendo has not released anything confirming or denying this but it seemed like the story had some legs. And now with this partnership and the very obvious 35th Anniversary branding – it does seem to indicate that Nintendo has at least toyed with the idea.

A guy can dream, right?

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