The Switch has already blasted past the 55-million-units sold mark

Nintendo’s latest financial briefing hit the media yesterday and while it may be a little boring to dive into all the details, here are a few big statistics that tell you just how well the Switch is doing. First of all, as the headline indicates, Nintendo confirmed that the Switch has now sold somewhere in the region of 55.77 million units. For some context, Nintendo Life indicated that this put it ahead of the Wii U, Gamecube, N64 and the SNES and it’s well on its way to overtake the NES.

On the software side of things, all of Nintendo’s big titles also saw a boost in sales. A well-known Market Researcher in the field of video games (and particularly Nintendo) who goes by the Twitter handle (@Stealth40k) confirmed that Nintendo revealed sales of (amongst others): Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (24+ Million), Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (18+ Million), Pokémon Sword & Shield (17 Million) and Luigi’s Mansion 3 (6 Million).

Undoubtedly though, the most astonishing number revealed, was that Animal Crossing: New Horizons has already sold upward of 13.5 Million copies… in around 6 weeks. For some perspective of just how insane a number that is for the series take a look at this comparison graphic courtesy of Nintendo:

Finally, in other news, it was confirmed that Yoshiaki Koizumi had been promoted to Senior Executive Officer. This is a name/face you may recognise from recent Nintendo Directs and the man behind the Switch itself (General Producer), Super Mario Galaxy (director) and Super Mario Odyssey (producer) – to name but a few of his amazing credits. And for those that don’t know much about Koizumi and why this is big positive news for Nintendo fans (and perhaps Mario fans in particular), not only is he sometimes termed Miyamoto’s ‘protégé’ but this is how Stealth described him: “What Miyamoto was in the 80’s/90’s, he is to Nintendo right now.”

All is going very well for Nintendo at the moment it seems, although it must also be said that their release roster for this year is still looking pretty thin. And the Japanese giant did also confirm (according to Nintendo Life) that while the current pandemic hadn’t had a big impact yet if effects of the coronavirus continued (or even got worse) development schedules could be affected.

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