Nintendo aims to ‘enhance’ online service

Last week, we recapped Nintendo’s latest financial briefing where Nintendo’s phenomenal Switch console sales were revealed. However, as is often the case with events in Japan, the subsequent trickle of delayed news (due to translation time) has revealed that president Shuntaro Furukawa also commented on the Switch’s Online service. According to Nintendo Life Furukawa said:

We have previously discussed out the importance of expanding the Nintendo Switch Online service in ways that appeal to consumers… Going forward, we will continue to enhance service content to encourage owners of the Nintendo Switch system or Nintendo Switch Lite system to try the service and see its appeal first-hand, so they will join and maintain a subscription.

Although he didn’t go into detail, we’re happy to hear that Nintendo wants to take a look at the service. While Nintendo Online has improved (particularly with the addition of the SNES library), it’s difficult to argue that their offering in any way compares to that of their main competitors. Sony and particularly Xbox have fantastic online subscription services and although theirs are substantially more costly, you can’t help but feel Nintendo is lagging behind.

In reality, Nintendo is sitting on a gold mine. Yes, they’re already making gazillions with multiple remakes and ports. But surely, there is still some room for their giant library of previous consoles’ games to have a home on the Switch via a better subscription service. And we’re sure many would love to see more stable multiplayer networks (for any games other than Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe) and better online communication between friends. All that being said, if you’ve been a fan of Nintendo for a while, you know that when it comes to online play – it’s often, unfortunately, a case of one step forward and two steps back. So I’d hold my breath on this one.

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