Riot warns that Valorant cheaters will not be tolerated

Valorant is still in closed beta, but the banhammer has been swinging away at quite a rate. Just shy of 8,900 cheaters have been banned for cheating and ruining the fun of everyone else, and Riot says this is just the beginning.

There are no stats on how many people are playing Valorant right now, but that is a fairly hefty number of cheaters that have seen their accounts hit the bin. Riot anti-cheat engineer Phillip Koskinas postage on Twitter about the ban numbers.

Koskinas didn’t specify how the ban system tracks players, but did say it was not a hardware ID ban, like we have seen used by Apex Legends. He says determined cheaters will “eventually figure it out” and get around the bans, but that it won’t be easy.

Riot senior anti-cheat analyst Matt Paoletti said that this is only the beginning, saying the team is looking for the “highest standard of competitive integrity”

The anti-cheat system Valorant uses, the Vanguard system, has been the subject of controversy due to it being a kernel mode driver that loads at boot. Whether this price is too much to pay for cheat-free matches will boil down to the individual, but it does seem to be working for now.

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