GTA V is very likely going to be free on the Epic Games Store

There have been whispers that GTA V will be the next free game on the Epic Games Store and while it does sound implausible due to the sheer scale of the game, it wouldn’t be a total surprise since Rockstar is making the majority of its money from the game’s online component. We’ve been waiting for official word that it will be free and we did get it, just in a relatively roundabout way.

The Epic Games Store Twitter account tweeted out an ad saying that GTA V is free, but it was not actually meant to publish just yet. The tweet was quickly deleted, but obviously it was instantly archived. Here’s the tweet courtesy of Wario64:

That’s a pretty big win for the Epic Games Store since GTA V is one of the best selling games of all time and even though millions upon millions of people already own it, those that don’t now have the chance to experience it on PC for the low price of nothing. The ad mentions it’ll be free until the 21st of May, so when it does officially release, be sure to go claim it.

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