The remastered Mafia Trilogy has officially been announced

For the past month or so, there has been significant movement in the dormant Mafia franchise. We first saw a Mafia 2 remaster popping up on a Korean ratings board and then the Mafia twitter account suddenly sprung to life and started tweeting out cryptic words. It soon became clear that something was going to happen and now finally, we know what that something is. 

Instead of just a Mafia 2 remaster like how we speculated, they’re remastering the entire trilogy. Here’s the short teaser that’s leading up to a bigger announcement on the 19th of May: 

As you can see, all three protagonists of their respective games make an appearance. The more exciting part is that this might be more than a simple remaster as it seems like the first two games might be getting more than a simple facelift for this release. The first game is a classic, but it does suffer for its age, so it’s easy to assume that they might give it a complete makeover. There was a now-removed Microsoft store page that leaked a few images and hinted that the first game is getting a complete remake.

We won’t know the official specifics until the 19th of May, so instead of speculating further, we’ll just wait until we get more information. Stay tuned for when the news does drop, you can be assured we’ll be here covering it.

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