Nintendo reveals Paper Mario: The Origami King coming in July

Yesterday (out of nowhere) Nintendo revealed a new Paper Mario game. The rumours about a new title in the series had been around for some time, so the game itself is less of a surprise than the manner of the announcement… Just a normal Wednesday afternoon was interrupted by the news that not only are we getting a new game starring the flattened red plumber entitled: Paper Mario: The Origami King, but we’d also be getting it relatively soon – 17th July 2020. Check out the reveal trailer below:

As hinted at in the trailer, it seems Paper Mario is up against a new foe and a quick look at the new website reveals this new menace as the origami-themed King Ollie. Paper Mario will be teaming up with new character Olivia to take on this nefarious folded-paper-fiend and it seems this time around you can expect a new 1000-Fold Arms ability, puzzles and novel ring-based battle system to mix things up. As usual, Nintendo has hit it out of the park in the creative visuals department. So colour me intrigued and I for one cannot wait to explore this new flattened funscape.

More Mario incoming?

And as a rather important side note: This reveal confirms part of the leak we wrote about back in March regarding Nintendo’s big plans for celebrating Mario’s 35th anniversary. Along with a new Paper Mario title, several sources said that a few of Mario’s classic 3D titles including Super Mario 64Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy 1 would be getting remakes (or at least a remaster of some sort) for the Switch. And as a big Mario fan – I’m really hoping this Paper Mario title is only the first big Mario news we get in the coming months.

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