PlayStation State of Play showcases amazing Ghost of Tsushima gameplay

Last night, Sony’s State of Play was solely dedicated to the upcoming samurai game made by Sucker Punch, Ghost of Tsushima. The 19-minute showcase showed us exactly what we would expect to be doing when we finally get to explore the world of Tsushima when the game launches on 17 July.

The video is really worth watching, but if you’re looking for the crib notes, it showed us how we will be able to use the prevailing winds to navigate the island, as well as use visual queues such as smoke in the distance to see points of interest. You will also be able to interact with animals such as birds or a fox, that can guide you to locations.

In terms of combat, Ghost of Tsushima allows multiple approaches. You can be a lot more direct as a samurai, or stealthy as the titular ghost. Nothing here hasn’t been seen or done before, the execution looks very good and slick. Sucker Punch also showed the fantastic looking photomode that allows for moving effects in it such as wind and particles, as well as the ability to change the entire look of the game to an old 1950s samurai movie.

Overall, the presentation was pretty impressive. Ghost of Tsushima is certainly not going to do anything new in terms of open-world, stealth gameplay, but it often is about the presentation and execution of it that matters.

Ghost of Tsushima releases exclusively on PlayStation 4 on 17 July 2020.

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