Call of Duty: Warzone pros break record with deadly 121 kill game

It was no question that the recently released and flourishing Call of Duty: Warzone would attract the Call of Duty pros to absolutely dominate the battle royale. I can just imagine being stuck in a game with these lightning-fast, heavily coordinated pros with your can-do attitude and few years of casual play. And now an entire 150-player match faced the wrath of a quartet of pros having their best game yet and possibly the best game ever.

Call of Duty streamers TeePee, Symfuhny, HusKerrs, and DougisRaw were the ones to bring the pain and after having an absolutely insane game, their kills totalled a whopping 121 kills. With them excluded, that’s only 25 people that they didn’t murder in the entire match. Here’s a highlight video from HusKerrs’ perspective:

With more pros playing the game and people figuring the game out more and more, it won’t be a surprise if this record shortly falls, but that shouldn’t take away from this achievement. Some people pop the champagne and feel like gods if they get 10 kills, nevermind almost wiping the entire map.

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