Epic Games Store now gives partial refund if you bought a game before it went on sale

I’m sure it has happened to everybody. You bought a new game and then literally the next day it goes on sale for a huge discount or even worse it ends up becoming free in a subscription service. It’s an unfortunate reality that gamers have to face and since it is your fault for not just waiting until a sale, you can’t really do anything about it. However, Epic empathises with that pain and have now started giving partial refunds if you bought a game just before it went on sale.

The policy hasn’t been officially announced by Epic yet, but many customers have reported getting partial refunds for games they bought that then got discounted in their latest sale:

Whether you like Epic or not, you have to admit that’s pretty cool. They’re deliberately taking losses just to please their customers that had some unfortunate luck. Imagining some of the big storefronts like Steam or the PlayStation Store doing this is unfathomable. Hopefully Epic is a trendsetter and some storefronts will follow the example, but I won’t hold my breath for that. Good on you, Epic.

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