Nioh 2 gets some free stuff out of nowhere

Nioh 2 is a fantastic game that takes everything from the first game and pretty much improves on it. Now, a few months after release, it got even better with some free content from the developers.

Last week Friday, Team Ninja released a rather large update, bringing with it a photo mode, with full camera settings such as exposure, tint, gradation and lighting. The update also brought with it nine new missions (sub-missions and Twilight missions). This is pretty neat and gives some incentive for some of us to dive back into the fascinating world of Nioh 2.

Team Ninja also announced the three expansion DLCs for Nioh 2, the first called The Tengu’s Disciple and is expected to release on 30 July. The developers only gave us the following hint on what to expect for the upcoming DLC:

A great battle has taken place at Yashima in the late Heian period. As a visitor in Yashima, our protagonist finds a shrine possessing a mysterious whistle called the Sohayamaru. Upon inspection, the whistle shines radiantly as the shadow of Yokai can be seen lurking in the background. It is revealed that whenever wars take place, heroes wielding the Sohayamaru will head into battle in order to restore peace back into this land.

Nioh 2 is already a massive game with a ton of content and things to experience, and seeing a developer add a bit extra while we wait for the big DLC drop is very encouraging. Hopefully they don’t stop with this kind of support.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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