Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics’ full list looks like a lockdown lifestyle treasure trove

Back when this game was announced (as part of Nintendo’s surprise Mini Direct) in March, I’ve got to admit I wasn’t that excited. Sure, it’s always good to have a collection of classic games but back then nothing really caught my eye. Of course, that was almost two months ago. A time before the realities of lockdown started really sinking in and before we were all craving any semblance of normality and comfort. And so when Nintendo dropped the new trailer for Club House Games Worldwide Classics collection yesterday and revealed all 51 games – I’m happy to report that I had had a big change of heart and I’m now “All-in”…

It may sound a little silly but seeing all those games (a lot that I grew up playing) delivered in a great little package feels like the perfect lockdown stress-reliever. You have all the classic board games, a nice big collection of card games (including something looking remarkably like an Uno ripoff) and even some simple sports and ‘variety’ titles which all look like just the right amount of pass-the-time fun I’m looking for these days. The fact that there are seemingly a good amount of multiplayer options (both on one Switch console and with others), some games are Mario-themed, unfamiliar games have simple tutorials and there’s even an apparent hidden 52nd game that’s Piano-related – this is one collection I’m now quite looking forward to.

Due to launch next month – on the 5th of June 2020.

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