Respawn opens new studio to focus solely on Apex Legends

Things have been going pretty well for Respawn Entertainment in recent years. They’ve managed to produce some stellar games such as Titanfall (2), Star Wars: Fallen Order and the ever-popular free-to-play Apex Legends.

But now it seems they are expanding a bit, with them set to open a new studio in Vancouver, Canada that will focus on on the continued development of the battle royale shooter. According to Respawn, the popularity of Apex Legends took them by surprise, reaching 50 million players in the first month. The new studio will be lead by head of operations Henry Lee and team director Steven Ferreira and will include a team of about 80 people.

What this means is that Apex Legends is not going anywhere soon and we can expect some more exciting content for the game going forward. It could also mean some other assets being freed up for other projects including a very likely sequel to Star Wars: Fallen Order, Unfortunately, Respawn recently confirmed that we shouldn’t expect a Titanfall 3 anytime soon. But we can keep on hoping.


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