Rumour: Could the PS5 launch game lineup be revealed next month?

In this time where so many of us are homebound – it seems rumours are more prominent than ever. The hype train is at full speed and, especially when it comes to the upcoming console generation, many can’t wait for their next ‘fix’. Xbox has actually revealed quite a lot already, and while their Inside Xbox episode that aired almost a fortnight ago got some mixed reviews – it did show that Xbox sure does have a lot more in-house studio support this generation.

Sony, on the other hand, has kept things closer to the chest. We got some high-level technical specs and the controller reveal. However, we all know that games are what will really make the difference. Of course, we have some good guesses about what games will be hitting the new console at launch (GOW, Spider-Man and HZD sequels quickly pop to mind) but when will we get some concrete announcements? Well, it may be closer than you think… According to Steve Watts (writing for Gamespot) during a recent Sony corporate strategy meeting, the company said it plans to “introduce a compelling lineup of titles soon”. ‘Soon’ is, of course, a little unspecific, however, Jeff Grubb (writing for Venture Beat) also recently mentioned that he thinks a Sony reveal event could be happening as soon as “early June”.

Could these two writers be talking about the same thing? Well, for now, we can only speculate – but I for one, would love to know what we can expect from the software side of things.

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